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Finishing Two Dining Room Tables All Done
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13-08-2022 -- 16:00
Finishing Two Dining Room Tables All Done
13-08-2022 -- 16:00
Making a Saw Handle From Live Oak And Walnut Burl
06-08-2022 -- 16:00
Fun and Simple Winding Sticks Roubo Style Beginners Woodworking Project
30-07-2022 -- 16:00
3 Plane Adjustment Mallets
23-07-2022 -- 16:00
Magnetic Wood In the Kitchen
16-07-2022 -- 16:00
Hand Tool Woodworker Makes Bad Choices
09-07-2022 -- 16:00
A napkin Holder Upgrade
02-07-2022 -- 16:00
Slim Line Pen Without a Lathe
25-06-2022 -- 16:00
Best Deals Tool Sale Gettysburg Pennsylvania MWTCA 2022
18-06-2022 -- 16:05
Windsor Chair Kit From Colonial Homestead ASMR
11-06-2022 -- 16:00
Making a Scratch Stock You Know - One of Those!
04-06-2022 -- 16:00
Making a Spice Rack Oak and Hickory
28-05-2022 -- 16:00
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I have been working with wood since I could stumble into the shop with my dad. Several years ago I moved into a house with no space for a full shop so I decided to take up all hand tool woodworking. That started a whole new passion for wood. Now I feel as though I am learning the art all over again. My Joy and desire is to share this passion for hand tool woodworking with everyone I can. So come along for the fun of learning the ancient and new art of Hand tool woodworking! Wood By Wright P.O. Box 10131 Loves Park, IL 61131