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Air Tahiti flight to Bora Bora | ATR 72 turboprop trip report (stunning views!)
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03-12-2022 -- 11:00
Air Tahiti flight to Bora Bora | ATR 72 turboprop trip report (stunning views!)
03-12-2022 -- 11:00
Swimming with whales in Tahiti | Incredible adventure (GoPro 4K)
26-11-2022 -- 11:00
InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa | Best 5-star hotel on the island of Tahiti (full tour)
19-11-2022 -- 11:00
FRENCH BEE Airbus A350 | Premium Economy trip report (San Francisco to Tahiti)
12-11-2022 -- 11:00
THE BRANDO | Phenomenal private island resort in French Polynesia (full tour in 4K)
05-11-2022 -- 11:00
TAHITIAN DREAMLINER B787 | Los Angeles to Tahiti in Business Class (4K)
29-10-2022 -- 11:00
AIR TAHITI NUI Boeing 787 Business Class | Paris to Los Angeles trip report (4K)
22-10-2022 -- 11:00
Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam | Fabulous 5-star design hotel (full tour in 4K)
15-10-2022 -- 11:00
The Lodge at the Presidio | Historic boutique hotel near the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA)
08-10-2022 -- 11:00
EDELWEISS AIR Airbus A340 Business Class | Liberia to Zürich trip report (4K)
01-10-2022 -- 11:00
Rafting, canyoning & ziplining in Costa Rica | Fun family adventure in 4K
28-09-2022 -- 15:00
Los Altos Resort, Manuel Antonio National Park (Costa Rica) | Full tour in 4K
24-09-2022 -- 11:00
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