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A real ace up your sleeve! We have been using this mixture for 5 years, we have never regretted it!
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15-05-2022 -- 20:30
A real ace up your sleeve! We have been using this mixture for 5 years, we have never regretted it!
15-05-2022 -- 20:30
A cup from a sale turned into a unique item! Just look what I managed to do!
13-05-2022 -- 20:28
You will never guess what it is made of! Super simple craft, gift box
11-05-2022 -- 21:02
Incredible! From a useless jar made a real work of art! You won't believe your eyes!
08-05-2022 -- 21:56
From branches and moss, I made an incredible thing! Just look, a piece of nature for your home!
04-05-2022 -- 20:15
Old bucket+ice cream sticks, the result will surprise you! You will definitely want to replicate it!
01-05-2022 -- 19:37
You'll never know what it's made of until you look! Super simple but original decor
27-04-2022 -- 18:29
Did you know? Ordinary clothespins and a bottle can be turned into a cool craft item! crafts
24-04-2022 -- 19:41
Tin can + matches, the result will surprise you! Just look what you can do with them!
22-04-2022 -- 18:32
2 IDEAS of shelves from old pallets. Saving the forest and saving the budget!
17-04-2022 -- 23:24
I took an old cookie tin, ropes and made...you will never guess! needlework, crafts
13-04-2022 -- 19:05
Just look what I made from tights and bottles, you will be amazed! needlework crafts, thrift with me
10-04-2022 -- 22:03
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On our channel: Handicrafts, master classes, DIY and homemade products. There are many interesting and informative videos about handicrafts and home-made items that you can easily replicate at home. Crafts from different materials: • Crafts made of cardboard; • Crafts from a waste material, • Of plastic bottles; • Crafts from gypsum and polystyrene; • From newspaper tubes; • Crafts made of paper and hot glue; • And much more. We make vases with our own hands from different materials, caskets and chests, we work with cold porcelain. We make flowers from paper and cardboard, flower pots for home and garden and beautiful pots with our own hands