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I poured gypsum into a silicone mat. Look at what came out of it! You'll never guess
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05-04-2024 -- 15:19
I poured gypsum into a silicone mat. Look at what came out of it! You'll never guess
05-04-2024 -- 15:19
This method is amazing in its simplicity and result! Look what I did with this technique!
03-04-2024 -- 18:43
4 Amazing Ideas with WOODEN STICKS, wooden sticks crafts, wooden sticks decor
29-03-2024 -- 16:59
Clothespins+cardboard ring, look at what I've made of them!
24-03-2024 -- 17:06
I made this out of regular wooden sticks and got an incredible resuit!
22-03-2024 -- 18:01
You'll be sorry if you throw away the nutshells! Extraterrestrial uses of nutshells
20-03-2024 -- 17:27
4 INCREDIBLE IDEAS with ordinary bottles! Bottle crafts, wine bottle decor
17-03-2024 -- 18:30
Super vintage tin can! Minimal materials, amazing result
15-03-2024 -- 16:52
I stuck twigs into the foam and this is what came out of it!
08-03-2024 -- 17:50
I picked a whole bowl of willow buds and made something cool out of them!
03-03-2024 -- 16:08
I poured gypsum into the egg container. An experiment with amazing results!
01-03-2024 -- 16:38
I cut different twigs in the garden and this is what came out of it!
28-02-2024 -- 17:42
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