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Pink vs Black Challenge! | More Kid Stories With Sofia and Dad
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02-07-2023 -- 07:15
Pink vs Black Challenge! | More Kid Stories With Sofia and Dad
02-07-2023 -- 07:15
Sofia is having fun with her family at an amusement park
16-05-2023 -- 08:00
Sofia and her brother shows the safety rules in the pool and good behavior
13-05-2023 -- 07:00
Sofia and Max in a Children's center play on a Construction playground
27-04-2023 -- 10:26
Sofia in the Amusement Park Lost her Dragon and is looking for her missing toy
25-04-2023 -- 09:29
Sofia catches a thief in a police car
19-04-2023 -- 10:19
Pink vs Black Challenge for Friends! Sofia as Wednesday Addams
12-04-2023 -- 07:15
Sofia turned into the Little Mermaid Princess
23-03-2023 -- 11:45
Who's at the Door! Kids stories from Sofia and Max
11-03-2023 -- 12:51
Max Rides on Tractor! Kids riding on Truck Toys gathering watermelon
07-03-2023 -- 12:44
Magic Vending Machine! Sofia and Kids Toy Story on Halloween
04-03-2023 -- 11:40
Sofia and Max play with a Red Toy Truck
03-03-2023 -- 14:00
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Канал Литл мис София (Little Miss Sofia)

Hi, friends! My name is Sofia. Me 4 years, I love kinder surprises and the little ponies. I love parents ,brother Maxim and his dog husky Frank. Really want to share this joy with You . On my channel You will find many informative and interesting video.My mom is an artist and so we will have a video dedicated to creativity(sculpting,drawing, etc) and also will see new toys and kinder surprise. Subscribe to my channel, leave comments and esti