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Why sambo tactics don’t work in bjj? How can a sambist adapt to bjj? Sambo academy
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01-12-2020 -- 18:00
Why sambo tactics don’t work in bjj? How can a sambist adapt to bjj? Sambo academy
01-12-2020 -- 18:00
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Sambo is a versatile sport because it has large amount of techniques in standing position as well as on the ground. Why can't you throw an opponent who's equal or stronger opponent? There are two main reasons. First - you're setting up and doing the throw wrong, and the second you're predictable and everyone knows your moves. In both cases your technique is flawed and something has to be changed. All progressive MMA fighters are incorporating sambo submissions. It's easily explainable due to limited time on the ground ( 2-5 seconds to catch and another minute to complete ). Sambists research the fastest and most effective ways to finish for years. Why does everyone want to finish fast? It's an opportunity to finish in style and preserve your energy. I know the taste of quick finishes like no other. 25 years in sambo, 13 World Championships in which i earned 2 golds, 4 silvers, 1 bronze and most importantly 90% of my victories happened before regulation time expired.

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